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Rebooting during file copy may create new files with correct size but missing data
(KB # 2E1F237D)

Applies to: BizNAS (all models)

Problem:  Rebooting either your computer or the BizNAS while files are being copied may cause the new files to appear the correct size, but contain large sections of binary zeroes instead of the data from the original files.  If you only look at the directory listing after rebooting, you may mistakenly believe that the files were successfully copied.

Cause:  Many common desktop programs (such as Windows Explorer) first create a new file of the expected size and then copy the data into the file.  If any computer or file server involved in the copy is rebooted before the copy completes, the uncopied data is replaced with binary zeroes.


  • Avoid the problem by not rebooting your computer or any file servers until all file and directory copying is finished.
  • If your computer or a file server reboots during a file copy, the original files should still be intact.  If you have not yet deleted the files you were copying from, either of the following methods will correct the problem.
    • Recover by recopying from the original files and telling the computer to replace the files.


  • Delete the copied files, and then recopy the original files.

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