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Running diagnostics and updating the firmware on your tape drive using the TDTool
(KB # D809A79F)

Running diagnostics on your tape drive using the TDTool.

The TDTool is a Tandberg Data tape drive diagnostic tool. This tool will allow you to run various diagnostics on your tape drive to ensure that the tape drive is functioning properly. The tool requires Java runtime environment (JRE) to operate.

* Remember that JAVA must be installed on the computer the tool is loaded on in order for the tool to run. MAC OSX 10.4 and later have JAVA installed by default. The latest version of Java can be downloaded from

* This tool only supports standalone and tape drives, and tape drives installed in a library or autoloader. The TDTool will eventually support library functions (tape moves, firmware update, etc...) for all of our automation products.


Supported Device:

*Supports both standalone and tape drives installed in your tape library or autoloader.
*Supports all interface types (SCSI, SAS, FC, USB) of product offering.

Tandberg Data DAT72
Tandberg Data DAT160
Tandberg Data DAT320

Tandberg Data LTO-2 HH
Tandberg Data LTO-2 FH
Tandberg Data LTO-3 HH
Tandberg Data LTO-3 FH
Tandberg Data LTO-4 HH
Tandberg Data LTO-4 FH
Tandberg Data LTO-5 HH
Tandberg Data LTO-5 FH

System Requirements:

Mac OSX 10.4+ (Intel and PowerPC)
Mac OSX 10.4 and later have JAVA installed by default

Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 (x86/x64)
Java Runtime: Sun JRE x86 V1.5 or above (x64 is not supported)

Linux Kernel 2.6.31 or later (x86/x64)
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Ver. 1.4.2 or later

Tool Functions:

- Displays tape drive vendor, model, inquiry string, interface type, and SN information
- Erases tape
- Can run basic IO test (data destructive test!)
- Can run advanced IO test with variable data size, block size, and data pattern
- Automatically calculates and displays throughput on IO test run
- Runs a fill tape test
- Updates drive firmware
- Gathers drive log files
- Can eject/load a tape if seated in the drive mouth

Installation Instructions:

Note: The TDTool and JRE must be installed on the computer where the tape drive is installed.

1. Download the TDTool for the appropriate operating system from here.

2. Install JRE if not already installed. (

3. Stop your third party backup application services and shut down the application.

4. Extract and launch the TDtool.

When the tool is started, it will scan all Tandberg Data supported devices in the pull down box at the top of the tool.
If any devices are attached later, press the "Rescan" button to the box to scan the system bus for the new device.
Once a target device is selected in the box, it displays basic device information in the Target Information fields and enable all operations.

Description of Functions:

1. Inquiry - Identify current selected device.

2. Update firmware - Allows you to update to the current firmware from a file of your choice.

(Download the proper firmware file from

3. Gather Dump - If instructed, use this function to gather drive's detailed

log Information and save it to a file of your choice.

4. Erase Tape - Erase current data on the tape (only short erase)

5. Load Tape - If the target drive is in a library, this function could be used to load the

tape if the tape is already located at the mouth of the target drive

6. Unload Tape - Unload the currently loaded tape from the target drive

7. Tape IO Test - (Write and Read / Write Only / Read only / Fill Tape)

(Write and Read)Test write/read functionality of the device.
This test is data destructive and will erase all data on tape used!
This test moves data between memory on your system and the device being test,
then print transfer rate for each operation.(Write Only) Only test write functionality.
(Read Only) Only test read functionality. (Fill Tape) Write and Read a Full tape.

Transfer rate fluctuates depending on your system performance/resources - i.e., hard disk-IO,
existence of other processes, condition of media and the device.
Thus the result of this test indicates the best performance
the device could achieve on this current system setup.

Regular backup will typically be slower than this result as performance is restricted by disk-IO.
The tool prompts options once this operation is selected and options can be modified.
Preferred options are set per device type for your convenience, use this unless Tandberg Data
service rep asked you to change.

Testing Recommendations:

* If you are testing a tape drive installed in your tape library, you must use the front panel to manually load a tape into the drive before testing.

1. Begin by first updating the tape drive firmware to the latest. The latest firmware for your tape drive can be downloaded from

2. Load a tape into the tape drive. Run IO test to ensure the drive is able to write and read data.

You can change the amount of data used in this test to help isolate data size specific issues. For example, if your backup application fails after writing 20GB of data, set this test to write 25000 MB (approximately 24GB)

3. Use a different tape to help isolate media issues, preferably a brand new tape.

4. Contact technical support for further assistance.

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