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SAS HBA Compatibility Matrix
(KB # 579DB173)

These SAS controllers have been fully tested with all Tandberg Data tape drives and tape automation products containing a SAS interface.

SAS Host Bus Adapter Compatibility
Below is a matrix of Tandberg Data tested SAS Host Bus Adapters.

SAS HBA Vendor Standard Backup LTFS
LSILogic (Win) 92xx & 93xx series 9200 & 9300 series
ATTO (Win/Linux/Mac) H6xx & H12xx series H6xx & H12xx series
HIGHPOINT (Win/Linux/Mac) RocketRAID 2700 Series RocketRAID 2700 Series
ADAPTEC (Win/Linux) 7xxxH & 6xxH series None
ARECA (Win/Linux/Mac) 13xx Series None
IBM/HP/Dell All OEM HBA’s contain LSILogic chipset, so should work.

Please note the following:

  1. Tape products do not work with any HBA that RAID is enabled, therefore RAID must be disabled before the HBA can be used with any tape product.

  2. LSI MegaRAID-Series adapters should not be used with streaming devices like tape.

  3. HIGHPOINT RocketRAID 2721 and RocketRAID 2722

  4. Adaptec and Areca HBA’s do not support transport layer retries and should not be used with LTFS, but these HBA’s can be used with any standard backup software.

  5. Verify that your cable connections are compatible with the SAS HBA and target.

  6. Tandberg Data Internal Standalone LTO tape drive SAS connection type is SFF-8482

  7. Tandberg Data External Standalone LTO tape drive SAS connection type is SFF-8088

  8. Tandberg Data Automation (StorageLoader/StorageLibrary) LTO tape drive SAS connections type is SFF-8088

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