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Setting a RDX QuikStor drive into fixed disk mode without using the RDX tools
(KB # 73837509)

To set a QuikStor drive into the Fixed-Disk-Mode you can use the RDX tools software, which is provided with the drive or can be downloaded in the support section on

You can also interact directly with the drive to avoid installing software on computers where you are prohibited to do so or simply if you want a quicker method.

To change the drive into fixed disk mode follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the eject button for five seconds
  2. The LED on the button will now flash alternatively yellow and green
  3. Press the eject button once to set the into the Fixed-Disk-Mode
  4. The LED will now flash continuously yellow, green, green
  5. Press the eject twice in rapid succession to confirm

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