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Share may report out of space when there is still free space on the volume
(KB # 75638DB5)

Applies to: BizNAS (all models)

A share may report that it is out of space for creating new files, even though the BizNAS Disk Usage screen shows that the volume still has space available.  This occurs when the volume contains many small files or many directories. 

The maximum number of files and directories is preset when the volume is created and cannot be changed by normal means. 

The following instruction may be used to determine whether any BizNAS volumes have encountered the maximum number of files and directories.

  1. Enable ssh access on the BizNAS using the Network screen on the BizNAS web interface.
  2. Use an ssh program to login to the BizNAS as a BizNAS administrator.  The login password will be the same as the administrator’s login password for the web interface.
  3. Enter the following command:
  4. The filesystems displayed by this command includes each of the user volumes on the BizNAS.  (NOTE: The volume names are internal and may not match the names displayed by the BizNAS Web interface.)
  5. The “IFree” column displays the number of remaining files or directories that may be created on each volume.  If this number is zero, then no more files or directories may be created on that volume; although, existing files may grow larger to use the remaining space.

In the example above, the last volume cannot hold any more files or directories, until some existing files and directories are deleted.  However, the volume is not out of space for growing existing files as shown by the following BizNAS Disk Usage screen.

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