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Silent installation of RDX utilities on Windows systems
(KB # FCC2CD47)

Command line parameters

The Tandberg RDX Utility installer “setup.exe” supports silent install by using the startup parameter: /v”…“ that can be used to send a parameter to the embedded .MSI ( windows installer) file.

By sending “/qn” we can run the installation without being asked to press the [Ok] and  [Next] buttons normally required by Windows installers.


For silent install:

setup.exe /v” /qn”


For silent un-install:

setup.exe /x /v” /qn”



Please note!

  • The RDX Utility installer normally requires a reboot on completion, but since this is also supressed when running in silent mode please reboot the machine manually after the installation is completed.


  • In cases where the UAC (User Account Control) prompts for permission to run Setup.exe, solutions exists to change UAC before install. Please see link: 



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