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Suggestions for interoperability with 3TB and larger cartridges on RDX SATA product
(KB # D3648A72)

RDX SATA Firmware revision 0083 and later adds support for 3TB and larger cartridges. In order to support larger cartridge types, the dock firmware reports capability to support larger commands to the host. Some hosts may not support these larger commands.

If the host does not support larger commands, the device may not be accessible after firmware update. The device will not be accessible even without a 3TB cartridge inserted in this case. This may prevent you from downgrading firmware to a previous release.

To configure your host motherboard SATA ports for support of 3TB RDX cartridges and updated RDX SATA firmware please ensure you are using an Intel HBA and your host SATA port is configured in AHCI mode in the BIOS. Please ensure the BIOS is not configured for ATA or "Legacy" SATA operation, or RAID operation. The SATA RDX should not be used with any SATA HBA configured for RAID

HBAs based on the Silicon Image 3132 (the Rosewill RC-211) have also been tested and confirmed to support RDX 3TB firmware. However, the Rosewill RC-211 has one known issue related to reboot. The server may need to be powered off and back on to detect the RDX device after server reboot in some hardware configurations. If you observe this problem you may also try moving the RC-211 to a different PCIe slot as this has also been found to resolve the issue.

Do not attempt to use any other HBA with SATA release firmware 0083 or later. The only supported HBA configurations are Intel AHCI and Rosewill RC-211 Silicon Image 3132.

If you are unable to access the RDX device after verifying your host SATA port configuration you will need to move your RDX SATA device to another supported system or configuration to complete firmware downgrade to a previous version. You will not be able to access 3TB cartridges unless your host system configuration operates with SATA firmware revisions 0083 or later via a supported HBA configuration and a BIOS setting (if necessary) to configure AHCI support on any motherboard SATA ports used.

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