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Troubleshooting NAS Web Discovery

Applies to: BizNAS (all models)

1. If your network uses DHCP and the NAS did not locate your product registration code via the web discovery, check the following:

  • An ethernet cable connects the NAS ethernet port to an ethernet port on a switch or router.
  • The ethernet ports on both the NAS and the router or switch are working. (The NAS ethernet port is working properly if you see a red light to the left of the port and a blinking amber light to the right.)
  • The router or switch has a connection to the Internet.
    Note: If your router or switch is not configured to access the Internet, click on your host operating system below for alternate NAS discovery instructions.

2. Return to and re-type your product registration code. If the web discovery still does not accept the product registration code, click on your client operating system below for alternate NAS discovery instructions specific to the client computer you will use to connect to the BizNAS.

3.  You may also consider these alternate discovery methods which do not rely on discovery from a client computer.

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