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Understanding Drivers
(KB # ECA0E413)

Tape drives and Libraries or Autoloaders do not necessarily require drivers, like a hard drive or CD-Rom. But they do need a 3rd Party Backup Software to manage the transfer of data from the server or hard drive, to the tape drive. If the software requires a driver, it will be included by that software vendor as part of the package. When the software is installed, it will search the bus for supported hardware, and will install the appropriate driver. If the software vendor does not provide a driver, they will give you information on the driver that is required.

Backup utilities that are provided with operating systems may not include drivers. Generic drivers are available on the Downloads & Drivers section of the Tandberg Data website.

DO NOT INSTALL THE GENERIC DRIVER IF YOUR SOFTWARE PROVIDES ONE. The generic driver will interfere with your software’s ability to communicate with the tape drive. They are also difficult to fully remove once installed.

DO NOT INSTALL MULTIPLE DRIVERS. Doing so will cause conflicts and failures. If you install multiple backup utilities, it also means multiple drivers are installed. It’s best to remove a backup utility before installing another one to avoid problems.

YOU MUST TURN OFF THE SERVICES OF YOUR BACKUP SOFTWARE BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO USE ANY TANDBERG DATA DIAGNOSTICS TOOL. The backup services and drivers will prohibit our tools from communicating with the tape drive.

Following are indications of multiple driver installation problems:

  • The Diagnostics tool fails.
  • The tape driver and/or library are reported in the SCSI bios and environment, but not in the backup software.

To determine what driver is installed:

    1. Right click on My Computer.
    2. Select Manage then Device Manager.
    3. Right click in Plus Box next to Device Category.
    4. Right click on Device name and select Properties.
    5. Click the Driver Tab. The 2nd line shows the Driver Provided.

To determine whether you need to have a driver installed:

To uninstall improper drivers:

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