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Using 3TB and larger Media capacities on RDX® QuikStor™
(KB # 71A167D1)

To be able to recognize the new 3TB RDX media on USB2.0 and SATA drives, these drives need to be upgraded to the newest firmware. In advance the newest RDX Utility software needs to downloaded and installed to your system.

The newest releases are:

  • RDX Utility: V1.57
  • Firmware for external USB2.0 drives: V20.57
  • Firmware for internal USB2.0 drives:  V30.57
  • Firmware for SATA drives:  V00.83

Be awares for SATA drives:

3TB media is not supported in ATA/IDE mode!

You need to change to AHCI mode in your BIOS settings.

Do not load the latest Firmware into your drive until you are sure, that your System is working in AHCI mode! You won't be able to access the drive from your system if you have loaded the newest firmware without switching to AHCI-mode!


  • Please switch your system to AHCI mode in your BIOS settings if not already done!
  • Download and install the newest RDX Utility software!
  • Download and load the newest Firmware to your drive!

The software and firmware releases are available from the download area of RDX Quikstor!

Please see also the following Knowledge Base articles:

Suggestions for interoperability with 3TB and larger cartridges on RDX SATA product (KB # D3648A72)

Special Considerations for Partitioning of 3TB and Larger Cartridges on Windows (KB # 3DE05D6C)

Special Considerations for Partitioning of 3TB and Larger Cartridges on Mac OS X for Windows Interchange (KB # 3DC066DA)

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