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What is the Procedure for Servicing Hardware Under Warranty?
(KB # EEE90B8B)

The warranty on Tandberg Data products may vary from product to product. The Advanced Exchange policy varies by product as well. Check the warranty card provided with your new Tandberg Data hardware for the specific warranty information on your product.

The procedure for replacing hardware under warranty is as follows:

  1. Contact Tandberg Data Technical Support. For information on where to call in your area, check out our Contact page.
  2. Troubleshooting by Tandberg Data Technical Support is required for all potentially failing hardware before a Return Authorization can be issued.
  3. Troubleshooting will consist of:
    • Customer providing a detailed description of the failure mode and/or error message, description of the environment (server type, controller type, drivers), backup software (version, updates and drivers), and results of the Internal Self Test or Diagnostics Tool test.
    • Technical Support may require that the unit be installed and troubleshot in the actual environment of use.
    • Technical Support may require a log file be taken from the drive and/or autoloader for analysis.
  4. If replacement of the hardware is deemed necessary, the support engineer will authorize an RMA and the customer is either directed to the RMA Department for processing or, if the hardware is covered under an On-Site Service Contract, the support engineer will complete a request for an On-Site Service replacement.
  5. If the product is warranted under the standard warranty, the RMA Department will:
    • Verify the product is under warranty.
    • Verify whether the Advanced Exchange option is available.
    • Verify customer information, including credit card information that may be required for collateral.
    • Notify customer of any fees or charges that may apply.
    • Provide customer with RMA number verification and shipping information.
  6. If the product is warranted under an On-Site Service Contract, the support engineer will:
    • Complete a request for replacement of the part(s) that are failing. (drive, autoloader, internal cards or components)
    • A Field Engineer will contact the customer and arrange a time for installation of replacement hardware.
    • The Field Engineer will go to customer site, install replacement hardware, remove failing hardware and return it to Tandberg Data.

An Advanced Exchange (ADEX) is defined as an advanced shipment of a replacement product. The defective drive can then be returned to Tandberg Data in the box and packaging material in which the replacement unit was shipped to the customer. An ADEX does not indicate a guaranteed or expedited turn-around time.

Standard Warranty Replacement is defined as the return of a failed unit to our Service Facility, with the failed unit either being repaired and returned to the customer or replaced with a like product.

On-Site Service is a contract service product, purchased in addition to standard warranty, that provides on-site replacement of parts determined to be failing.

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