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What type of data cartridge should I use with my VXA drive, autoloader or library?
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VXA products use data-quality, VXAtape data cartridges, in various lengths, available from authorized sources. These cartridges do not require formatting or other media conditioning before use.

CAUTION: Non-VXAtape cartridges will automatically be ejected from the VXA drives. The VXA-1, VXA-2 and VXA-3 tape drives will only operate with VXAtape data cartridges.

NOTE:If a V23 VXAtape is inserted into a VXA-1, it will automatically be ejected.

VXAtape is developed to achieve the optimum data storage performance from VXA products, and is specifically intended for data applications. VXAtape contains 8mm AME media designed to improve the head life of VXA drives and to lessen the degradation of the magnetic qualities of the tape during long-term storage.

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