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April 11, 2016
Moving to the Cloud? Don’t forget data protection!

"The cloud" has and will continue to revolutionize the way small- to medium-sized businesses do business. As your business-critical data begins to move into the cloud, it's essential to evaluate your overall data protection strategy. As the ease of data migration into the cloud increases, so does the potential to ignore consequences for data protection. Protection of data created on cloud-hosted services is a very important consideration for your business.

By Dan Walkes, Senior Software Architect
February 4, 2016
The Last Line of Defense

Tape is the last line of defense in many organisations data protection strategy, but as I explained in my blog last week, tape can significantly reduce data storage costs and is the only viable long-term solution for managing data growth.

By Simon Anderson, Product Marketing Manager, Tape Products, Tandberg Data
January 14, 2016
The Mediocracy of Software - An Interesting History

I developed Glassware 2.0 as a way to free developers and ISVs from these problems. With Glassware 2.0 there is no need to develop a version of an app for Windows 10, another for iOS devices, another for Android devices and yet another version to be delivered via HTML5 in the browser.

By John Morelli, Founder of Sphere 3D



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