Tape Transforms with the Times

Tape Transforms with the Times
Simon Anderson, Product Marketing Manager, Tape Products, Tandberg Data
September 23, 2013

Maybe you noticed that we just launched the industry’s first LTO-6 Half Height (HH) Fibre Channel (FC) external desktop tape drive. The sixth generation of LTO-HH tape drive from Tandberg Data incorporates the very latest technology and design enhancements to deliver increased capacity, performance and reliability. The new head design, tape path improvements and intelligent firmware make LTO-6 the most reliable and robust tape drive ever.

LTO-6 HH delivers a native storage capacity of 2.5TB per data cartridge and native performance up to 0.6TB per hour. The LTO-6 HH tape drive is backward write compatible one generation and read compatible two generations. LTO-6 is ideally suited for digital media and imaging professionals, including Mac® whizzes, who continue to face the challenges of managing, protecting, storing and future-proofing growing volumes of digital data generated by:

  • HD/3D television and motion pictures
  • Converting data stored on obsolete video formats
  • Graphic design and media artwork files
  • User-generated video web content
  • File-based acquisition from new video and digital film cameras

When combined with a FC to Thunderbolt Bridge the LTO-6 FC external tape drive creates a unique high- performance, mobile, backup and archiving solution for Mac users. Media and entertainment customers can now backup video and media content on-site at high speed using industry standard LTO tape.

With tape's traditional backup role morphing into archiving and data management, LTO technology has established itself as the industry standard for affordable, reliable and robust data archiving and preservation. Features like LTFS (Linear Tape File System) allow users to drag-and-drop files to and from tape easily and at blistering speeds. LTO tape is finding new ways to enable users to take advantage of all that tape has to offer. For many IT pros, LTO is emerging as a highly cost-effective method of storing large video and image files, managing workflow within the production environment and simplifying archiving tasks.

Tape continues to transform with the times. Our latest announcement of the new LTO-6 HH FC external tape drive underscores Tandberg Data’s commitment to drive those changes.



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