We Need WORM

We Need WORM
Jürgen Schelbert, Product Marketing Manager, Tandberg Data
August 28, 2013

We recently announced WORM functionality for our RDX® technology. RDX now meets regulatory compliance requirements. With WORM, data cannot be deleted from or changed on the RDX media. WORM makes RDX ideal for use with a broad range of archiving applications.

Last month, I had a virus on my archived vacation pictures. I really don’t know how this happened. Every time I clicked on a picture to view it, I got this nasty message from my virus scanner which made me really nervous. This virus software should have protected me, but it didn’t. Since I regularly backup my data using RDX, I was able to recover my pictures from an earlier time frame.

I talked to my colleague about the situation and he told me that WORM functionality on an RDX cartridge would have protected me against that virus. WORM means write once and read many. WORM would have made my data "untouchable," he explained. Because I already do my backups on RDX, it is an easy task for me to use RDX WORM media for my archive.

WORM is not just good for my application; it is also good for yours. Everybody needs WORM for something. Finance professionals need WORM media to archive tax-relevant data for audits. Doctors and hospitals need WORM media to archive their patient files for record keeping. Document management systems need WORM because they must meet regulatory compliance requirements. I could go on, but I need to keep this blog short.

RDX WORM is a really affordable and easy-to-implement solution. You don’t need additional software; it‘s totally transparent to your application. Believe me, I know!



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