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Tandberg Data Launches New Partner Programme for EMEA Channel

Tandberg Data Partner Programme provides margin opportunity, training and enhanced support to resellers and distributors across EMEA

4 July 2007: Tandberg Data (OSE: TAD), a leading global supplier of backup and archiving technologies, today launched its new EMEA partner programme. The multiple-segmented programme offers online sales tools, deal registration, multiple language support, and training. The programme is set to help the channel provide the right storage solutions to its customers, whilst ensuring consistent margin levels and support.

One of the key elements of the programme is its state-of-the-art deal registration system. Tandberg Data Partners can register end user opportunities to ensure a consistent margin, offer competitive quotes and protect their deals. Once logged in to the portal, partners can register deals and update the status of existing deals, keeping Tandberg Data informed of its progress.

In addition, the programme offers sales and marketing support. Online sales tools such as presentations, product videos, collateral and artwork will enable partners to provide their customers with the right information at any time. Partners will be able to order demonstration units at a discount and receive evaluation units upon request. Special promotions will be made available to registered partners throughout the year.

Resellers, integrators, value added resellers and distributors are invited to register for the programme on www.partners.tandbergdata.com. Tandberg Data will qualify the registration within 48 hours, which will give the partner access to the portal through a personal login and password. The portal provides partners with relevant sales information at their fingertips, 24x7. To secure a strong relationship with its channel, Tandberg Data will allocate a personal account manager to every partner upon registration.

Multiple Segments

Tandberg Data has segmented its programme, recognising the different types of channel partners and their varying needs and requirements. Automation and Service Partner segment will be allocated to partners who offer tape automation solutions and service, providing them with margin opportunities on both hardware and services. The Tandberg Data team will work closely with these partners, and develop a three month business plan with growth targets.
The Automation and Volume Partner segment is appropriate for partners offering tape automation and larger volumes of storage devices. These partners will also be required to submit a three month business plan with targets for growth. Finally, the Storage Partner segment is available to those resellers and distributors offering storage solutions, who work with Tandberg Data on the basis of a 12 month business plan.

Qualification and requirements

In order to qualify for membership, partners have to meet certain sales and growth targets. Additionally, resellers, distributors and integrators all need to ensure that their Technical Engineers and sales teams are trained on the Tandberg Data solutions. Technical and sales training for partners is a key element of the programme. The Tandberg Data team offers on-site sales training to its partners. In addition, Tandberg Data has training centres across Europe, where partners can take part in Tandberg Data Certified Engineer training courses. Since January 2007, more than 350 new Tandberg Data Certified Engineers qualified across Europe.

Signing up

For further information, or to become a member of the Tandberg Data Partner Programme, please visit www.partners.tandbergdata.com or contact 00 800 8263 2374.

For further information please contact:

Marije Stijnen
Corporate Marketing Manager
Tandberg Data
Tel.: +44 (0)7909 90 60 12
Email: marije.stijnen(at)tandbergdata.com

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Tandberg Data Launches New Partner Programme for EMEA Channel

Tandberg Data Partner Programme provides margin opportunity, training and enhanced support to resellers and distributors across EMEA

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