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Hitachi, Ltd. Has Added Tandberg Data's RDX® QuikStation Removable Disk Library to Its Product Lineup


The RDX removable disk library offers Hitachi customers the removability, durability and economy of tape with the random access, speed and reliability of disk.

Westminster, Feb. 23, 2012, Tandberg Data, a global manufacturer of data protection solutions, today announced that Hitachi, Ltd. has added the RDX QuikStation to its product lineup of data storage and backup offerings available in Japan. Called the Rx/8 Virtual Tape Station, the RDX removable disk library is an affordable and easy-to-use alternative to entry-level tape automation, including DAT 72 autoloaders.

The RDX QuikStation delivers robust data protection and offsite disaster recovery for SMB and SME environments. The RDX removable disk library consists of eight integrated RDX docks that allow eight RDX disk cartridges to run online. It also offers unlimited offline capacity. Compatible with major backup software, the RDX removable disk library makes remote system configuration, management, operation, status checks and security easy and convenient. Its iSCSI interface allows for easy integration into users' existing environments.

Currently the Hitachi Rx/8 Virtual Tape Station offers the following tape automation emulation models:


  1. R1/8 Virtual Tape Station
    The R1/8 Virtual Tape Station emulates an LTO tape autoloader, with one virtual tape drive and eight cartridge slots.
  2. R2/8 Virtual Tape Station
    The R2/8 Virtual Tape Station emulates an LTO tape library, with two virtual tape drives and eight cartridge slots.

Hitachi chose the Tandberg Data RDX QuikStation because of its high performance and flexibility, its effectiveness as a DAT tape replacement and the strong market acceptance of RDX technology. Supplied by Hitachi Maxell, Ltd., RDX media for the Rx/8 Virtual Tape Station is available in capacities of 160GB and 500GB.

"Hitachi has adopted RDX technology as an optional storage device for its PC server HA8000 series," said Yoshihiro Hayashi, General Manager of Service Solution Operation, Enterprise Server Division, Hitachi, Ltd. "RDX technology provides Hitachi customers with the benefits of both tape and disk and has garnered attention as a new backup device. We are confident that Hitachi’s new Rx/8 Virtual Tape Station will provide customers with an innovative solution for entry level data storage and backup."

About RDX

Tandberg Data’s RDX technology provides a safe, rugged and portable storage choice for SMBs and SMEs. Designed to back up and archive data from servers and workstations, RDX removable disk technology offers users higher capacity, faster speed and lower cost than many other tape products. Its fast transfer rate of up to 180MB/second (USB 3.0) allows users to back up 100GB of data in less than 10 minutes, streamlining the backup process.

Standard RDX media is available in capacities ranging from 160GB to 1TB, with an ever-increasing capacity roadmap that tracks with the 2.5-inch mobile hard disk drive industry. Designed for mission-critical, data-intensive applications such as medical, military, video editing and surveillance, RDX solid-state disk cartridge capacities include 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.

RDX Market Leader

Tandberg Data is a leading global supplier of RDX removable storage systems and ships RDX drives and cartridges globally through major OEMs and resellers. Tandberg Data acquired RDX technology from ProStor Systems in May 2011.

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About Tandberg Data
Tandberg Data is a leading global supplier of data protection solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. The company’s wide range of cost-effective storage products and services provides customers with best-in-class tape, disk, removable disk and software solutions for backup, archiving and disaster recovery. These solutions are marketed through a global channel of qualified resellers, distributors and major server OEMs. An extensive service and support network supports all Tandberg Data products worldwide.

Tandberg Data RDX QuikStation is a trademark of Tandberg Data. RDX is a registered trademark of Tandberg Data. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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About Tandberg Data

Tandberg Data is a leading global supplier of data protection solutions for the SMB. Tandberg Data offers a wide product portfolio, ranging from RDX removable disk, disk-based solutions, deduplication software, tape drives, tape automation and media for small and medium-sized organizations. All solutions are supported through a worldwide service and support network, recognized globally for its outstanding levels of service. In addition to the standard warranty and support offerings, on-site service upgrades provide Tandberg Data customers with further peace of mind.


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