Case Studies

StorageLibrary T24

Incarceration Alternatives Create Demand for Data Protection

BI is the leading provider of community corrections technology and evidence based supervision services. Due to the nature of BI’s business, its infrastructure and systems require 99.9 percent uptime. With business critical information as important as this and data volume continuing to grow, BI selected the StorageLibrary T24 for reliable and high-capacity automated data backup.

DULSCO LLC achieves reliable, fast, automated backups with the StorageLibrary T24 from Tandberg Data

DULSCO, has a successful history spanning over seven decades of operations within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and has been part of the impressive Emirate growth story. With an extensive and wide-ranging portfolio of services, DULSCO required a robust and encompassing IT infrastructure. After upgrading its IT infrastructure, DULSCO achieves reliable, fast, automated backups using the high capacity and performance of the Tandberg StorageLibrary T24.

Macarthur Anglican School Relies on Tandberg Data Safety Net

Teaching staff, pupils and management at the thriving Macarthur Anglican School, in New South Wales, are pursuing their daily activities free from all doubts about the safety of data underlying their important work. This was not the case until recently, when the school installed a Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T24 tape library to store and back up all their important projects.

Data Backup Tailored to Growth

Ubitronix System Solutions, GmbH, an Austrian firm, is a fast-growing mid-size firm that offers communication, instrument-reading and load-management products to energy suppliers and distribution-grid operators. In the process of consolidating their server environment, Ubitronix has set its data backup on a solid foundation: with Tandberg Data’s StorageLibrary T24, the company chose a proven automated tape system capable of handling their present and future needs.

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