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Green Backup:
Save Power, Save Money, Save the Environment
The cost of energy, which was once a small contributor to the overall cost of doing business, has grown into a major portion of overall corporate budgets. At the same time, the data generated and consumed daily by companies has grown exponentially, while the need to store that data has been driven both by corporate business needs and government regulations, like Sarbanes-Oxley. In fact, storage is estimated to be growing at an alarming rate-60% annually, according to an article on Storage.ITWorld.com.

This white paper discusses how using tape backup as part of an overall data storage solution can readily address both of these issues. As a "Zero Power" medium, data tape storage will reduce power consumption, driving energy costs down while simultaneously strengthening an overall backup and archival strategy. With these energy savings, companies will also be contributing to the larger global initiative of reducing CO2 emissions and saving the environment-whether they have this goal as part of their corporate mission or not.

Backup and Restore

How to identify the appropriate
life insurance for your data

At home, you safeguard against any incident to protect your family, your life, your property – everything
that is valuable to you. You buy insurance to have peace of mind. But, what about your data? Data is the
most valuable part of your company! Are they safeguarded? You should start thinking about protecting
your data to get a tailored insurance which covers your requirements.

This Whitepaper helps you to find the right backup and recovery solution for your environment.


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