Backup and Recovery Solutions with Acronis Backup

Small and medium businesses are suffering from regular backups of their critical business data. Very often, there is no dedicated IT personnel and office staff need to take care of data management. As office staff have to concentrate on their daily business, backups are either performed rarely or are not done at all.


Acronis Backup and RDX

Acronis Backup and RDX removable disk systems from Overland-Tandberg build a comprehensive and flexible data protection solution for small and medium businesses. They are easy to install and easy to use and ideal for operation even for non-IT personnel. The removability of RDX offers full protection against local disasters and malware attacks. Further security features can be implemented by additional software like RDX RansomBlock or RDX PowerEncrypt.

Solution Benefits

  • Complete data protection solution with media rotation and off-site storage for SMB environments
  • Compliance: enable business to meet regulatory and GDPR requirements
  • Future proof: easily scales as your data grows
  • Simplicity: easy to install and use
  • Security options: protects against virus and ransomware attacks as well as against unauthorized data access

Why backup is important

Businesses data are the most important assets of a company. Data protection is essential in order to continue after a catastrophic data loss event. Data loss could mean the loss of information which can never be recovered or rebuilt. There are endless reasons for data loss or a partial data loss, for example, a Ransomware attack could lock your data, a user could accidentally or purposely delete data that is important to continue with your business and hardware and/or software solutions and updates can cause data loss or delay in business continuity. A good backup strategy is vital for business stability and should be incorporated as part of every business continuity plan.

RDX integration in Acronis Backup

RDX removable disk systems and media are fully compatible with Acronis Backup. The RDX appears as a regular drive letter and can be easily added as a new backup location during the initial setup of Acronis Backup. This enables RDX to be used as a backup target for backup plans.

Integration of RDX QuikStor and RDX QuikStation as a backup location for Acronis Backup


Backup scenario examples

Backup to RDX with media rotation
Media rotation with 3 RDX media is recommended

Backups are usually done to local disks devices or network attached storage (NAS) systems. This might work as long
as there are no local disasters or virus and ransomware attacks. Local disasters could also destroy the backup on the local device. Virus and ransomware attacks can infect backup sets regardless of their location on the computer or network.
In both cases, backups should be kept off-site to have at least one copy of the backup accessible to recover from unforeseen events. Therefore, a set of multiple backup media should be used to be able to rotate the media between the datacenter, being in transit and the off-site location.
Backup software that targets a drive letter for backups can keep continuing with the backup job. The RDX connection keeps the drive letter, regardless of the inserted media. If a new media is inserted, an initial full-backup is performed. Incremental or differential backups will continue on each RDX media according to the desired backup plan.

2-Tiered backup with NAS and RDX

Backup to Network Attached Storage (NAS) system is very common. Acronis Backup easily supports NAS systems as a backup target. But users should consider, that a backup to NAS is not sufficient in terms of protection against local disasters or virus and ransomware attacks, as they also effect NAS backups.

2-Tiered backup scheme with primary backup to NAS and replication to RDX


Acronis Backup allows to supplement a backup to NAS by a backup replication to the removable media system RDX. The secondary backup copy should be issued by the end of the day or the end of the week to store backup copies off-site for full disaster protection. Fast recoveries can be performed from the NAS system. In case of a disaster or malware attack, RDX builds the last line of defense.

Ransomware protection with RDX RansomBlock

In cases where the media cannot be rotated immediately after the backup job has been finished, like multiple backups per day or a backup media that is rotated only once per week or month to reduce the number of media, the backup data is exposed to the risk of being infected by virus or malware attacks. Overland-Tandberg optionally offers a security software for Windows systems called RDX RansomBlock which protects data on RDX media against virus and ransomware attacks while they are in use for backup.

Securing backup data kept off-site and meet GDPR requirements

Media stored off-site or media in transit are at risk of being stolen and data might be accessed by an unauthorized person.

There are new regulations being implemented like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR regulates how the personal data of customers, suppliers and employees must be handled, processed and secured in our digitized world to ensure privacy. Therefor, article 32 paragraph 1 describes the security of personal data by using encryption.

For internal RDX systems with a SATA III interface, Overland-Tandberg offers RDX PowerEncrypt hardware encryption. Data written to RDX media is encrypted with AES-256 XTS standards. Data access is restricted to only those having a password key deployed with the RDX Manager software. With this, data is secured at any rotation stage.

For more information on data protection solutions with RDX and Acronis Backup, download the following documents:

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