NAS Backup with RDX QuikStor

Easy to use backup-solution for NAS systems to meet compliance requirements
with off-site data protection

The Challenges on NAS Backup

NAS users struggle to properly secure and manage digital information. Lack of IT skills makes daily data manage- ment tasks difficult. Backup of business critical data is not performed regularly and unprofessional solutions jeopardise data integrity and data availability.

RAID does not protect against data loss

As soon as NAS systems are populated with 2 disks and more, RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) will be implemented to ensure data access even if one disk fails. The stored parity information on the HDDs allows the RAID system to read and write data with the remaining functional disks.

Mostly, users feel confident that this is a sufficient method for protecting their data. But what, if another disk fails or the entire NAS system brakes down? What about, if a disaster happens? What about a virus or ransomware attack? What about somebody simply deletes data by accident? The RAID technology does not protect against any of these incidents.

RDX® QuikStor™ - ruggedised, removable and simple

Overland-Tandberg‘s RDX QuikStor is a removable disk system which simply attaches to NAS systems via USB. It consists of a QuikStor system and a media. The system is constantly connected to the NAS system, and at least three pieces of media should be applied for alternating usage. The media has a rugged design, it’s reliable, fast, easy-to-use, and tough enough to cope in busy and harsh environments.

NAS systems are often used in offices which do not have dedicated IT stuff. The simplicity of RDX QuikStor also enables the less experienced users to perform daily IT operations to protect their business-critical data and automate the backup process.

Why backup is important

Data is important for any user. No matter if this data is purely private or if it is business related. Data loss could mean the loss of information which never can be recovered from anywhere. Data loss could happen any time and may have many reasons.

So, an automated backup solution should be implemented in any environment. Backups need to be automated, done regularly and after important data has been created. In addition, it is recommended to have several copies on multiple devices or media in different locations.

Built in backup routines

Most NAS systems in the market provide build in applications for data backup. They are either preinstalled or available for download at online stores or market places. In addition, they offer USB ports to connect external storage devices.

Media rotation for full disaster protection

The removability of the RDX media allows to implement data protection best practices by rotating cartridges to provide multiple layers of protection. One media would reside in the system ready for the backup, one media is located offsite at an external location and the third one is on its way either to or from the office. A media rotation scheme with at least three media allows you to meet most disaster protection and compliance requirements.


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