Solutions for Small Businesses

Small businesses with limited IT budgets can address data protection challenges with solutions from Tandberg Data.

  • Cost-effective tape drives
  • Low-cost tape automation
  • Disk-based Solutions
  • Removable disk drives

Tandberg Data's newest data protection systems are designed specifically for small businesses that are saving more and more data and have limited technical manpower.

These systems appreciably cut the cost of backup while letting even a small business perform unattended data protection—after hours and on weekends.

And these new systems from Tandberg Data can grow with you—it's easy to double your capacity without replacing your hardware.

It's as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Check out the right-sized data protection solutions for your data:
  2. Read these recent white papers:
  3. Open a case study of how other organizations have protected growing volumes of data while lowering their operating costs with Tandberg Data solutions.

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